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"Working with ReeTah is an experience of profound depth. She is a vortex of crystal, of loving light, holding space for Highest Self to step forward. Reetah is a unique midwife for Spirit, inviting us to our rightful place on the throne our own beating Heart. ReeTah's skill and grace is versatile, lovely, surprising, even ruthless, if needed in showing you the Divine Love of the Mother. If you're brave and open-minded, and your authentic life is calling, ReeTah will be a light unto your path."


It's safe to say that I've never met somebody with more community-building genius and aptitude than Reetah. Her enthusiasm, willingness to take initiative, and creative contributions of thought and deed have remained as steadfast as the sun rising and setting each day. You could not find a more precious gem to be part of your team when it comes to making society and community a better place.  Reetah has shown up in a strong spiritual way for myself by sharing intuitions she has had which have proven fruitful and synchronistic. One can tell that Reetah is letting her higher guidance speak through her head and heart for the benefit of all. 


"Reetah brings peace, creativity, possibility, orderliness, and fun to the table. In my experience Reetah is a deep listener and strives to get a rounded perspective on any situation while staying true to her own knowing and experience. (I put great stake on the skill of listening, which is one that requires development and dedication to truly being present with others.)

I have worked with and been cared for by Reetah for several years. We have shared space in both sacred and mundane endeavors, and it is a blessing to work with her. She is dependable, curious, and determined to create a better living world. Put simply, she CARES for the people and world around her and at large."


"Reetah's gifts are such that she is able to perceive the gifts that a person possesses even when those gifts are not apparent to the person. This gift allows her to act as a mediator and peacemaker in community as she can see through to the underlying gifts that are trying to be expressed in a conflict. Reetah would be a great asset to any organization whose mission aligned with the values of community building, compassion, connection and healing."


"I have known Reetah for nearly two decades.  She carries a heart of service for the community and demonstrates this love through action and showing up.  She feels and hears the guidance of the otherworld daily.  With such a wide bandwidth, she is a clear and powerful channel for the frequencies and information available from spirit.  Reetah is a deep listener and profound choreographer of the sacred."  


"Reetah is truly tuned in and turned on in many worlds. It's been such a blessing for me to cross paths and have her in my life. I highly recommend the service she provides, for it has been a guiding light in my dance with my spiritual path and my ancestral lineage. She has highlighted things for me that were in the dark and needed attention that I did not have awareness of. I'm truly grateful for the way she walks in both worlds and ties many threads together through her deep listening to the body, earth, and spirit. Reetah has a deeply rooted awareness in finding connections and has a beautiful way of meeting me where I am at and describing to me my next steps in ways that are easy to understand and take on. If you need guidance in bringing your vision to life or need a refreshing perspective on life's up and down journey. Reetah has the skills, experience, and gusto !! "


When I think of Reetah, the first word that comes to mind is PRESENCE.  Reetah embraces life, in all of its many layers, the here and now, the natural world, the spiritual realm, the relationship sphere, the thirst for growing herself as a spiritual being having a human experience.  When in Reetah's presence there is COLOR and depth, questions asked and answered, ideas explored, considered, reexamined and creative ideas streaming forth. She calls forth song and ceremony, she helps the group to open up to a higher consciousness through the practices of passing a talking stick, offering cornmeal to feed the fire spirits, and the act of expressing gratitudes spoken from the heart.  Reetah is an advocate for community growth and is available and present for the people with whom she invests her time and energy. Another way that I have witnessed Reetah work is through a private session I had with her where she was using her ancestral midwifery skills to help me commune with ancestors and angels.  In this work, she creates a sacred space that allows for an opening between the here and now and the realms unseen.  She guides the seeker in asking questions, exploring story lines and digging into the depths of what is asking to be revealed, what is waiting to be healed.  During my session I experienced a surprising twist in that through exploring the story line that was revealing itself, I called in my husband's ancestors to help our family transition into the next phase of our growth.  My husband had been miserable in his job and it was sucking the life out of him.  Reetah served as the catalyst that helped me connect me with the spirits of his father and grandfather as she guided me to invoke them to help make change visible for my family.  I was able to be very specific in my requests and asked for the help we needed to support him.  Within three months, he found another job and now has space in his life to develop his own interests and be present with our family,  This shift felt divinely choreographed and I know that Reetah had an instrumental role in being the sage who knew the questions to ask and how to create the space where the angelics could be talked to and invoked to be of assistance in the physical realm.


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