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Dearest beautiful Gift of mine

Will you come forth and bring the divine?

For those who are already on their spiritual path, who take responsibility for their lives and well being, and who are ready to go deeper, Reetah is here to stand with you as a Spiritual Midwife.  It takes a village to witness, support, and encourage your Gift and True Nature into its next level of life.

With over 20 years experience of living inspired through indigenous  practices, ceremonies, rituals, and teachings; Reetah brings her unique self, gifts and talents to life and specifically to the sacred healing space she facilitates with each person. 


Years and decades of experience in community-based ceremony and ritual and individual apprenticeship and Elder teachings. Vision Quest community ceremony with Native American Elders and many community members. Apprenticeship with Lakota Medicine woman, artist and Elder. Ritual Community member, co-facilitator and staff for radical Elemental rituals.

Your True Nature is blossoming

Your True Nature is the real, genuine essence of yourself. Who you are when you really get down to the truth in your heart, spirit and soul. Many, if not most humans have years of familial, community, and cultural programming and this can intervene with our True Nature coming forth. The modern culture is rife with influences that may block the remembering of our True Nature. Thus, it is with intention and diligence that we walk the path of remembering who we truly are. Somewhat similarly, our Gift is a unique signature, tone or frequency that we carry in our soul. This Gift, is a precious treasure that can be uncovered, cultivated, and nurtured into its blossoming and expression.

I have found that when I meet with clients regularly or over a period of time, that their spirit self anticipates our sessions and brings forth new messages that support your evolutionary journey and bring  new levels of your Gift and True Nature to light to you and in the world. Are you called to step into a new level of relationship with your Gift and True Nature? If so, book now.

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