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Reetah Bell

Spiritual Midwife 

Community Ritual Enthusiast

Reetah has been actively involved in and co-creating Community Rituals for the last 20 plus years. 

She has a deep love and devotion to Nature, sophisticated life-enhancing technologies, evolution and facilitating Village based ritual.  She is often found pollinating a variety of scenes from markets, grocery, and outdoor venues spreading delight, wisdom and encouragement. Reetah offers support for aligning with one's True Nature and her unique approach for individual evolution as well. 


Jon Rousseau

MSW, Ritual Healing Practitioner, Diviner

Jon has been facilitating groups for over twenty years in a wide variety of settings. Following his passion has led him into wilderness therapy with at-risk youth,  

residential treatment with troubled teens, naturalist and expedition programs for camps and schools, guiding vision quests, co-leading men’s gatherings and trainings in indigenous spiritual technologies. Jon’s appreciation for the healing power of ritual, both personal and communal, has deepened tremendously as he continues to work with the ancient technology of ritual healing. He remains committed to assisting others on their path of personal healing and the reclamation of their original purpose in this life.

Event Pricing Options

OPTION 1 (Includes a bed for 2 nights and 4 catered meals) $380
OPTION 2 (Includes floor space and 4 catered meals) $360
OPTION 3 (Includes camping and 4 catered meals) $340
OPTION 4 (Includes camping and your own food) $280
Delicious meals will be vegetarian based and mostly locally grown.
Each meal will include GF and DF options. 

To Register email Reetah at
or Jon at

Food and lodging accommodations available with
registration package upon request.

Limited Spaces. Registration and full payment due by August 10th.
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