Community is the Medicine 



Thank you for listening to your deeper inner guidance and following the thread that has led you here. I am grateful for our energies to meet. There are many levels of communication happening. This is similar to the small portion of wavelengths that we see with our eyes, in relation to the vast bandwidth of waves that we receive information through other senses.


I am grateful for the opportunity to share my gift with you and support the unfolding of your gift into the world.  It is a good day when new levels of alignment occur that strengthen the capacity, presence, vitality, Beauty, and resonance of one’s soul and spirit.  It is my gift and purpose to support and encourage one’s True Nature to come forth and shine through into this Earth plane.


It is my honor, as a spiritual midwife, to assist you on your journey.  In our sessions, I will create a sacred container through prayer and invocation. Then I will witness, listen and echo what comes forth. I will support and encourage you as you tap into deeper truths and treasures within yourself. I work with women and men who are on a spiritual path and take responsibility for their lives and spiritual evolution.


Our work together can bring about clarification and catalyzation into new or known aspects of yourself.  For clients who have completed an initial series or alignment, sessions can be an intermittent maintenance process.


Life is indeed a journey, and it requires a village to help us along the way and witness our unfolding. Thank you for finding me here at and for checking in with yourself to see what work there is for us to do together.

Many blessings on your journey


-Reetah Bell

It Takes a Village to be a Village

Good Day Beautiful Gift of Mine

"The more that we are able to come Home to the community that is inside of us;

 the more we will truly be able to connect and be at home with the community and collection of people around us."

Wooden Hut

Ancestral Healing


Do you remember the Sacred Gift within you?


“Reetah's love, and guidance has been helpful in many areas of my life. Her wisdom and consciousness has been inspiring- to continue to stay in a transformative state. She is a sister, a teacher, and a big beacon of light. Express gratitude for her being in my life.


"In her spiritual work with others, Reetah offers a secure and sacred space to explore questions and ways of being with other worlds. Through her divinations of various styles, people can access messages from beings bringing wisdom and love to humanity. Reetah's ability to hear and communicate with these beautiful wisdom beings is a gift, and one that she has worked hard to develop. Her dedication to this work with spirits of the land and beings of wisdom is at the center of her ethic of care and is ever present in the way she walks in this world."


"Reetah brings a compassionate heart to her work along with an abundance of basic skills, in the areas of computer knowledge, speaking and writing, along with leadership and conflict resolution skills."


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