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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

For me, Beauty is a frequency and actually comes across as a force of Nature. I notice Beauty when I am given a pause to be present, for example with a sunrise or sunset, listening to rain or a bird song, sitting on top of a mountain or next to a river. Watching a child sleep, grow, laugh, or create something lovely. Hearing from a friend or a stranger, a message that touches my heart. Receiving news or evidence of the power of people coming together for a cause of evolution, Earth, humanity. Sometimes Beauty is not so “beautiful” like the Homeless people, camps, and evidence of someone living in a culvert pipe.

For me, Beauty is a powerful and raw presence of life that pierces my heart and gives me pause. Beauty is like a spice that is added to the soup of life and brings forth a richer flavor. Whether it is a squishy, sloshy mud puddle; the small fragile bloom of a purple crocus, a decaying cigarette butt on it’s 10 year decomposition journey or a close encounter with a robin foraging for worms in the wet Earth. Each and all of these things and so many more are part of our world and sources for connection to the awesomeness of Beauty. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

So I invite you to consciously, SLOW DOWN, breathe in and out slowly, intentionally… RIGHT NOW. That’s all we really have is NOW. Take a gentle loving breath and look around you. Wherever you are, find something that pierces your heart with love or presence. I am not sure there is really a difference between the two, love and presence. If looking around is distracting, then close your eyes and listen. If that doesn’t work then see if you can find your pulse and listen to your heart beat. The heart beat is the first sound we ever hear on planet Earth. It is often the calming and resetting rhythm to tune into. Or slow down and follow your breath: in and out and notice its flow and rhythm to a gentle restorative place inside.

We don’t need to go anywhere or buy or take anything to come back to center; we just need to cultivate it. Make it a practice. When the kids, co-workers, friends or family are off the charts energetically, or in not fun ways, give yourself a moment. Take a “time out”: claim your space, breathe, step out doors into fresh air, if you can, and breathe through your heart. Drop into your heart. Find your center and allow a reset to happen. Maybe alternate nostril breathing is helpful for you. This is a worthy practice to invest in and be vigilant with, it brings an immediate shift and is most always accessible. What helps you come back to your center?

With ALL OF THE CHANGES going on in our bodies, in our world, in humanity, on our planet, in the cosmos; it really behooves us, in my opinion, to cultivate kindness and compassion with ourselves by slowing down and coming back to center in our hearts and breath. However this works for you, consider conscious breathing or heart breathing as a practice, survival strategy, sanity strategy, self care, however you need to frame it. I am the messenger to put this on your radar for self calming, support and self love. Of course, the more that you care for yourself and are able to be present, the more you can be present with others and be a conscious centered Agent of change, love, kindness, truth, and Beauty in the world with and for others.

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